Saturday, August 22, 2009


Is school really starting again on Monday? I swear it just barely got out. I guess that means that we had a fun summer that flew by too quick. We didn't take any really big trips this summer, but we had a great time taking Addy to the zoo, bear lake, and willow park (about fifty times). And just like it's been since she was born she has had us amazed at how smart and hilarious she is. I'm not sure what we did without her, maybe watched a little less Barney.

This was at the Zoo, Hudson is Addy's best friend. She adores him, but its hard not to love that little guy.

This is at the beach at bear lake, she thought it was great toting water around.

We spent countless days at the park, willow park was her favorite. We love the "mamies" (monkeys).
And have watched countless HOURS of Barney. Me and Ty are pretty good at most of the songs!
Addy took her dad down the slide at the fun park. I got told to stay, which is usually how it goes. She is a daddies girl!


The Higley said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe how much she has grown since I last saw her! Let's get together sometime! What's your school schedule like?

Amanda said...

Cute pictures!! Addy is adorable :)Im with you in where the hell did the summer go? haha!! Good luck with school! It seems like it never ends but it does... eventually!!